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Welcome to the Boone County Clerk’s Office

bursignBoone County History
The North Bend of the Ohio River curves around the northwestern tip of Boone County, which encloses an area of 252 square miles. Boone County was named for pioneer Daniel Boone.

The county seat of Burlington was incorporated as a town in 1824. Florence, the largest city, contains several manufacturing plants as well as the majority of the county’s industrial jobs.

Big Bone Lick State Park, in Boone County, was a massive bone yard for prehistoric animals that traveled here in search of salt. The area is still abundant with salt springs. Big Bone Lick was discovered by a French-Canadian trapper in 1729, and collectors removed most of the bones within the next thirty or so years. Indians and then pioneers set up salt making operations.

Office of County Clerk

Kentucky’s Constitution of 1850 was the first to mention the office of county court clerk, providing for a clerk’s election in each county for a term of four years (Art.VI, sec. 1). Section 99 of the current Constitution also requires the election of a county court clerk in each county for a term of four years.

Prior to the institution of the unified state court system, the county court clerk served as the clerk of the juvenile, county,and quarterly courts. With the replacement of these courts with the District Court, the clerk no longer has judicial duties, and the name of the office has been abbreviated to county clerk to more accurately reflect the nature of the office.

The duties of the county clerk fall into the general categories of clerical duties of the fiscal court: issuing and registering, recording and keeping various legal records,registering and purging voter rolls, and conducting election duties and tax duties.

The Legal Records Division is responsible for legal documents which are filed as public record. At the courthouse, most documents are maintained from 1799 to present. Document indexes are available for most document types back to 1799 with few exceptions. Document images are available online for most instrument filings from January 1999 to current.

Most online real estate records found in the database include: deeds, name changes, mechanics liens, mortgages, powers of attorney, wills, corporations, tax liens, trademarks, assignments, releases, marriages, and delinquent property taxes.

Filing fees and document particulars for the most frequently filed documents are available online.

Access to eCCLIX© record indices and document images is available for viewing from this web site. An account and password must be assigned to you by the Boone County Clerk’s office. Special software must be loaded to your computer system to enable viewing of document images. Access fees are charged for utilizing the data and images. See the HELP topics for additional information.

NOTE: All public records (documents and indices thereof) are available for viewing in the office of the Boone County Clerk free of charge. The fees charged for this access are intended to be utilized to continue providing this public service.

Justin Crigler currently serves as Boone County Clerk.