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To expedite your trip at the clerk’s office please have your insurance company either fax or email your current insurance ID cards to our office PRIOR to coming into either office.


    • Burlington Office Fax: 859-334-3575
    • Florence Office Fax: 859-647-8706

PLEASE NOTE:  Your insurance card must have the following:

  1. Owner’s name
  2. Policy Number
  3. Vehicle ID # (also known as the VIN)
  4. NAIC # or their Insurance Company Code
  5. Policy Type : Personal or Commercial
  6. The effective date must be within 45 days of the processing date at the clerks office 
  7. MUST be auto insurance for Commonwealth of KY – insurance for other states will NOT be excepted unless it is for Military and the insurance is for the state they are stationed in
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