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The information listed below is  being provided to serve as “GENERAL INFORMATION” only and is not intended to be used for legal reliance.

NOTE: Since 1969, the BCCO has employed the “group identification” system for all property in Boone County. The group number is an additional mandatory element for any land or land-related documents that may be listed below.

Types codes for E-Recording

Boone County Clerk’s Office
Real Estate Department E-Recording
859.334.3624 Direct
[email protected] (supervisor)
Vendor Information

Simplifile- Phone:800.460.5657
Website: Simplifile.com

CSC –  Phone: 866.652.0111
Website: erecording.com

EPN – Phone: 216.318.6368
Website: goepn.com
Indecomm – Phone: 704.412.3179
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